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I am a professional who helps companies grow and innovate by offering customizable, competent and flexible digital (and otherwise) solutions. 
As companies have had to adapt to a changing business environment, there has been a growing demand for experts who can help make strategic decisions.

I can accompany you in a process of analysis and understanding of data, needs and risks, defining objectives and developing the best strategy to achieve and monitor them.

My analytical strategic approach is ideal for planning transformation and investing in corporate evolution and reorganization paths starting from the analysis of processes and communication.


I am an empathetic person, oriented towards success and personal growth. I have a strong passion for technology and I am always up to date with the latest innovations

Furthermore, I am skilled in relating to others and have a great desire to challenge yourself constantly to achieve the set goals. I know digital ecosystems well and I am oriented towards finding new opportunities to build and grow the business.


I provide clients with a wide range of business development services capable of bringing their projects to life.

I pay the utmost attention to detail with the aim of obtaining pleasant, functional and intuitive results. Check out some of my work and find out how I can help your business.

Internationalization, social media, business development, advanced business consultancy and business development

Image by Octavian Dan
Collaboration and network building are essential for achieving one's professional goals, as they allow for expanding opportunities and accessing resources and skills that would otherwise be difficult to reach.
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