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I provide clients with a wide range of business development services, capable of giving life to the most varied projects.

I pay the utmost attention to detail with the aim of obtaining pleasant, functional and intuitive results

  • interactive websites and totally manageable independently: I have developed different platforms for clients of various categories, using cutting-edge technologies and designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

  • social development: I used the main platforms to increase online presence and visibility, increasing engagement, followers and conversions.

  • commercial development: Worked with different sized budgets to develop sales and distribution strategies, working with partners and suppliers to achieve sales targets.

  • business consultancy: I supported several companies in defining business strategies, risk management and financial management.

  • digital marketing: I've used a variety of tools to promote your leads online, using targeting and profiling techniques to reach the right audience.

​In summary, I have demonstrated extensive experience in various commercial, administrative, organizational, etc areas, using a holistic approach and a particular focus on interpersonal relationships.

Check outsome of my work and find out how I can help your business.

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