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Smart advice

I am the professional who helps companies grow, increase turnover and more generally improve, innovating and solving critical issues.

Through my specific skills, I assist clients in various sectors, in facing the continuous challenges posed by the market and digitalization.

From management, corporate and organizational development strategy, to all the resources to be used for sales, to web marketing and communication, to solutions for the company's economy and finance, ending with management control.

I have been working professionally and precisely since 1998, giving the highest priority to the interests of assisted businesses and entrepreneurs, offering them competent, flexible and customizable solutions, combined with my unfailing enthusiasm.



I began as a commercial "enthusiast", and then established myself as an Export Manager, Commercial Director, Branch Manager, up to Shareholder and Company Chief Executive Officer.


I define myself as a Business Developer, Risk Manager & Corporate Consultant withmore than 25 years of activity. In addition to constant knowledge of the products and services offered, they are able to apply marketing tools, innovative technologies and profiling techniques, preferring human and psychological interaction in any case.


I have managed to create a highly responsive network of friends, contacts, partners and clients, managing budgets for research, development, promotion and sales. I can understand the types of strategic partnerships to be developed to increase and optimize growth. and turnovers.


  • Flexibilitycognitive

  • Intelligenceemotional

  • Thoughtcritical and analytical

  • Advanced problem solving

  • TeamWorking and coaching

  • Resilienceand ability to adapt

  • Concretenessand responsibility

  • Active learning

  • Creativityand inventiveness

  • Capacityanalytical

  • Project Management

  • Leadership

  • Work in fullautonomy


  • digitalMindset

  • digitalLiteracy

  • digitalinfluence

  • Excellent knowledge of the languageENGLISH

  • Usage ofCRMcloud

  • Graphics& Web sites

  • Virtual communication

  • Finance, Corporate Taxation & customs regulations


  • Diplomaof secondary education at ITIS electronic computer science, AR

  • master's degree in Business, Marketing and Project Management, MI

  • CertificateKET at public school of Brighton, UK

  • Advanced Sales Techniques Course, RM

  • Courseof internationalization techniques at Confindustria, AR

  • Courseof marketing at Confindustria, AR

  • Enablingto the activity of Representative Agent, Chamber of Commerce, AR

  • Signed upin the register of insurance intermediaries - sez. AND

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